5 Tips To Getting Free YouTube Subscribers

You have courted the idea long enough and then decided it is about time to hatch it so here you are, your YouTube channel is finally up. But just when you think you have done all the brain work, you suddenly remember there is yet another hurdle on your hay –getting free subscribers. So just how do you overcome this new challenge? Well, read on to find out.

Start With Searchable Titles

Even before you begin looking for free YouTube subscribers, one thing that should be clear is that most of these prospective viewers do not already know that you exist so they will possibly search for relevant terms on search engines where hopefully your channel would pop up. This is why you need to come up with searchable titles. The titles should be related to your product or service line. You can use the YouTube search bar to find the words that turn up in common searches and then from there, come up with a title that is easily discoverable. And while you are at it, take advantage of the YouTube’s autofill feature and create SEO-friendly descriptions so the titles can rank higher on search engines.

Promote Ruthlessly

Contrary to what many think, the secret to getting free YouTube subscribers does not solely rely on the nature of your content. You can have really amazing content but if you do not take the time and initiative to promote it [and we are referring to ruthless promotion], then your content is as good as dead. If you are available on other social media platforms such as Facebook or twitter [which you should by the way], you already have a head start. Ask your community of friends on these platforms to share your video content so you can reach a wider audience.

Value Your Viewer’s Time

Many YouTube visitors [or other online visitors] often suffer from either of the following conditions –very short attention span or very high expectation threshold. This basically means once they click onto you video, they will either stop watching because the video is way too long or way too boring. Therefore, regardless of the length of your video, you need to capture and hold their attention so they can watch much longer. Why? This is simply because videos with higher watch times are more likely to turn up in search engines. Therefore, get straight to the point and avoid talking too much. Do not dwell on telling them what they will watch because they are already watching anyway – move straight to the point and demonstrate it.

Use Of Playlists

Another way to get free subscribers is by use of playlists. Building playlists goes a long way in encouraging subscriptions from first-time viewers thus retaining them. Additionally, it is used to boost your watch time as well as content consumption. Do not just go creating miscellaneous playlists though and instead, come up with a track of content that new users can watch. This enables you to categorize your viewers into groups of users in different stages of viewership.

Add A Mention On Product Review Pages

There are millions of internet users and not all these are on YouTube. Some are looking to buy products and even more interesting is the fact that some are looking for products they have never seen, used and totally have no idea how these products work. You can capitalize on this situation and increase your free subscribers. What you can do is go onto some of the product review and online stores such as Amazon, review a product and in your review, drop a link to your YouTube channel. For example, once you have reviewed a brand of a printing machine, you can drop a link directing them to your YouTube channel that teaches them how to use the machine. Of course, you have to ensure the product you review is presently in demand.